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How do I shop on the mall?

Come to, log in and click a merchant link for the online store you wish to shop at.

How do I search for a store?

The myEcon CashBack Mall features 3 ways to search for a store:

1)       Search by category. In the left margin, select the store by category type.
2)       Search by store name. In the top menu bar, enter the store name in the search field and click search.
3)       Search by store name by first letter. In the top menu bar, select the first letter of the store name you are searching.

How do I add/remove a store to the My Favorites list?

If you have stores that you shop at frequently, you should add them to your My Favorites page.  To add a store to your My Favorites page, simply click the blue "+Favorite" button next to the store description. Once added, your "Favorite Stores" will now appear at the bottom of your Home page after logging in and on the My Favorites page. To remove a store from the My Favorites list, simply click the blue "- Favorite" button next to the store description.

How do I tell my friends about the myEcon CashBack mall?

To tell friends about the myEcon CashBack Mall, click the "Tell A Friend" tab in the blue menu bar. You may enter up to 5 friend's names and email addresses. Once you click "Submit" they will all receive the email message shown at the bottom of the Tell A Friend page. Your friend's will simply click the mall link in the email to view and join the mall.                    


Do I have to do anything special when checking out of an online partner store?

As long as you are logged-in, then there is nothing special required. You do not need to email us confirmation of your purchases (although you should always keep it for your own record). We will receive confirmation from the store that you shopped from.  

Can I use the myEcon Mall if I live outside the U.S. and Canada?

Yes, as long as the store you are purchasing from will ship outside of the U.S. and Canada. All cash back payments are made in U.S. dollars.  

Can I use special offers and coupons and still earn CashBack?

Yes, as long as they are found on the myEcon Mall site.  Make sure you only use coupons that are posted here at Be sure to verify the coupon or discount is displayed in your shopping cart before you finalize your order. Use of Coupons or discount codes found on the web outside of the myEcon Mall may void the cashback offer.  

If I buy something in-store, by phone or directly on the stores website is it eligible for a CashBack?

No, only orders made via logging into your myEcon Mall website are eligible for cashback.  

If I login to my mall and make a purchase, then surf around the web and then return to that store and make a second purchase, will I get CashBack?

If you click through the myEcon CashBack Mall and make a purchase, then surf elsewhere on the Web and return to that store and make a second purchase, your second purchase will not earn cash back. You must click through the myEcon CashBack Mall link every time you shop at a store site. If you use multiple windows on your browser, the window in which you shop at the store must have come directly from a myEcon CashBack Mall link.

Is there any software or settings that can keep me from earning CashBack?

Security software, such as Kaspersky or other protection software, may block the tracking cookies the myEcon CashBack Mall uses to earn credit for your order. If you are using this type of software, you will need to ensure that it is set up to allow cookies from the myEcon CashBack Mall and our partner sites. Similarly, if using a firewall such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security or some other such Firewall, then you need to keep the "Ad Blocking" turned off.

Some toolbars can redirect the credit to another affiliate. If you have any toolbars installed you may need to check and see if they are linked to any other shopping rewards or coupon sites.

The use of a browser that does not allow the creation of cookies will block the tracking
the myEcon CashBack Mall uses to earn credit for your order. The myEcon CashBack Mall highly recommends the use of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Due to the number of third party browsers available we cannot verify that any outside of the ones mentioned will work properly with the myEcon CashBack Mall program.

Using a browsers "Private Browsing" feature at any point in the shopping process can render your purchase ineligible for cash back.

Lastly, there are spyware or adware programs, which can cause your online shopping to be reported as having come from another company. There are many free detection, removal and protection programs you can download online to protect you from and check for spyware or adware.

If I join a store's mailing list, will I receive CashBack for emailed offers I receive from this merchant?

You will not receive CashBack if you go to that merchant's website directly from their emailed link. You will only receive CashBack if you go to that store's website via the myEcon CashBack Mall.       


How do I earn CashBack?

The process is very simple!  All you have to do is register (free) to become a member of the myEcon CashBack Mall, and then shop at any of our hundreds of partner stores via our website. Once logged in, just make a purchase at a myEcon CashBack Mall partner store, by clicking on the merchant's link, and complete your order on the merchant's website, like you normally would.

How much will I receive in CashBack?

The CashBack amount varies from store to store. Next to each store's logo, you will see the amount of CashBack represented as a percentage (%) or as a dollar ($) amount. Stores that show a CashBack percentage (%), are paid as a percentage of the net sales transaction amount (total transaction amount minus taxes, S&H charges, processing fees, etc.). Stores that show a CashBack dollar amount ($), are paid in dollars on a per item basis.   

When do I get paid?

CashBack earned will be direct deposited on the first Friday of each month for members with Available CashBack greater than $25.00 as of the 15th of the prior month. For example, if you have an accumulated Available CashBack balance greater than $25.00 as of July 15, your CashBack amount earned will be direct deposited on the first Friday in August.  To receive your CashBack, you must have BOTH of the following items on file; 1) the bank account you want your CashBack deposited to; 2) Your Social Security Number. Go to My Account and then Direct Deposit to setup your account.

Why doesn't my CashBack show up when I'm checking out of a store?

The myEcon CashBack Mall sends the CashBack to your account AFTER we have received confirmation of your order. It will not appear as a discount in your shopping cart.  

How long does it take for my CashBack to be posted to my account?

On average, your CashBack amount will show up in your myEcon Mall account as Pending CashBack within 7 days from your date of purchase. However, some merchants do not report the transaction to us until their refund/return period has elapsed, which may be up to 30 days or more.  For things like Travel (Hotel Bookings, Airline Tickets, Rental Cars, Cruises, etc) it may not appear until after you have completed your trip. If you have a purchase made more than 30 days ago that isn't showing in your account summary, please contact Member Services at .    

Why is my CashBack showing as Pending and what is the 90 Day Waiting Period for CashBack?  

All CashBack will show in your account as Pending CashBack for at least 90 days after the transaction. Once the 90 Day Waiting Period has passed, these monies will be moved to your Available CashBack to be paid to you on the next monthly payout once the minimum check amount of $25 has been reached.    

Why is there a 90 Day Waiting Period before I can get paid for my transaction?

Due to risks such as fraud purchases, returned merchandise, cancelled orders or other actions, merchants have instated a 90 Day Waiting Period to be paid on transactions.  At anytime during this 90 Day Waiting Period, our merchants can withdraw the transaction amount back from us if one of the actions mentioned above occurs. After 90 Days, the CashBack on the transaction posted to your account is officially yours!    

What is the effect of me returning or canceling an order?

In most cases, this will also cancel your CashBack. All Returns are subject to the return policy of the store partner you purchased from. If you return or cancel an item, we will have to reverse any CashBack from that sale. Most returns (also known as exchanges) may make a CashBack ineligible. In the process of an exchange, the store cancels the old order and replaces it with a new one. When doing this, the myEcon Mall commission gets reversed and a new commission is not established because the store has created a new order (thus meaning the new order was not completed through myEcon Mall - but placed through the store directly). Because of this, the store will not pay us the commission, which means we have no CashBack to pass on to you.

To avoid losing your CashBack when returning items, always request a return and full refund, not an exchange. Once your credit card has been refunded, simply login to your mall website and place a new order.                    

REFERRAL PROGRAM - (myEcon Associates only)  

What is the myEcon CashBack Mall Referral Program?

The myEcon CashBack Mall Referral Program allows you to make money by referring friends, family and acquaintances to join the myEcon CashBack Mall.  When they shop and earn CashBack, you will earn 80% of all the CashBack they earn in CV!

How do I get referrals?

We provide three simple options for you to get referrals:

Option 1- Sign them up yourself - All you need is their name and email address. Simply click the Signup button on your mall and enter the required information.

Option 2 - Use our Tell-A-Friend System - Simply enter the names and email addresses of up to 5 friends, family or acquaintances at a time. The system will send each of them an email asking them to take a look at your CashBack Mall. The email will contain a link they will click on to tour the mall and signup, if desired. Any new members that signup from this link will be credited to you as your personal referrals!

Option 3 -  Using Your Unique Tracking Link. Place it on your website, blog, newsletter, social networking page, or in your emails. All members that signup via this link will be your personal referrals! Note: In order to track properly, this link must be copied exactly as shown.

Is there a maximum number of referrals I can signup?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can signup. The more you signup, the more cash you can earn!

How much do I earn from my referrals?

You will earn 80% of the total amount of CashBack they earn as Commissionable Value (CV)


When do I get paid?

Referral commissions will be included in your myEcon Associate Commissions. myEcon commissions are paid weekly..

Where do I find my referral's CashBack activity?

Click on the My Referrals link on your mall My Account page. There you will find a list of all your referred mall members.  Click on a specific member for their CashBack details.

What if I don't see any earnings posted for my referrals?

Your referrals may not have any shopping activity yet. Once they begin shopping, their CashBack earnings will show up on the My Referrals page. It may take up to 7 days for purchase transactions to show here.


How can I access my account?

All you have to do is login to and click on the My Account tab.

How can I update my account information?

Login and click the My Account tab, then select the My Profile link in the right margin menu, make your Personal Information updates and then click the "Update" button.

What if I forget my password?

From the LogIn screen, click the "Forgot your password?" link. Enter your email address and a temporary password will immediately be emailed to you. Be sure to go to the My Account section and select the Change Password link to change the password to something you can remember.

How do I change my password?

Select the My Account tab, and then click the Change Password link. Enter a new password.

How do I change my login email address?

Login and click the My Account tab, then select the My Profile link in the right margin menu, make your Personal Information updates and then click the "Update" button.  

How do I add or update my mailing address? 

Login and click the My Account tab, then select the My Profile link in the right margin menu, make your Personal Information updates and then click the "Update" button.  

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